OCHCH Webinar Recordings

OCHCH offers an extensive collection of previously recorded webinars. Each webinar is approximately 90 minutes in length, providing you in-depth information on a range of important topics. 

Wound Care Education Institute

LogoWound Care Education Institute (WCEI®) is a center of quality wound care education. OCHCH members have access to programs such as on-demand webinars, live webinars and seminars. On-Demand webinars are FREE, use code OCHCH. Find out more.

Home Care Institute

The Ohio Council for Home Care & Hospice has partnered with the Home Care Institute to offer members a 10% discount off their outstanding line-up of home care and hospice online courses. With an affordable annual subscription (only $34 per employee w/member discount—WOW!) your employees have unlimited access to a comprehensive library of interactive and engaging computer-based courses specific to the home care and hospice industry. Home Care Institute features a large and growing library of engaging and interactive e-learning courses specific to the home care and hospice industry and available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. As an approved provider of nursing continuing education by the American Nurses Credentialing Center (ANCC), Home Care Institute offers continuing education hours for the majority of courses in its core library. The content library currently includes more than 100 courses in the following categories:

  • Annual Compliance Training
  • Home Care and Hospice Orientation Courses
  • OASIS-C and Coding Library
  • Comprehensive Home Care and Hospice Disease Management Programs
  • Monthly Home Care and Hospice Aide Series
  • Leadership Development
  • Sales Development
  • Billing and Administrative Support

Home Care Institute’s content library effectively explains the complex business of home care and hospice through updated, instructionally sound and expertly written subject matter. Your value as a subscriber increases each month as new content and courses are added. Courses are built using the latest theories on how people learn best. Content is expertly written, visually presented, and professionally narrated. Interactive knowledge checks throughout each course assure that information is applied and retained.

Visit www.HomeCareInstitute.com for more information and to view the full content Home Care Institutelibrary!

Members must access the Coupon Code on the “Savings” page of the OCHCH Members only web site to receive the discounted rate.

Why HCI?

Beyond efficient and effective training delivery, you can realize the following benefits by subscribing to the Home Care Institute LearnCenter Portal:

  • Productivity gains by reducing time away from core job responsibilities.
  • Minimized time required of trainers and preceptors for the education and orientation function, increasing the productivity of their roles.
  • Improved learning capabilities/work outcomes as result of a highly knowledgeable and skilled workforce.
  • Decreased orientation time for new employees.
  • Reduced turnover costs related to a more confident workforce that embraces a learning culture.
  • Greater learning opportunities for employees at a lower cost.
  • Content that is constantly updated as industry changes occur.
  • Reduced costs associated with FTE time spent on repetitive live education.
  • Reduced costs associated with material duplication and distribution; as well as out-dated resources.
  • Decreased costly errors and survey deficiencies associated with inadequately prepared


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